Should I use #Like4Like?

Many people who use social media are chasing vanity metrics such as likes and followers.

They need their latest post to get more engagement than the previous one and their follower count to increase month on month.

There are plenty of different ways to try and achieve these goals including buying likes online. For those who don’t have deep pockets to buy fake followers, they can jump onto hashtags such as #Like4Like and #Follow4Follow.

Play the Game

Do these hashtags work? Yes

Should you use them? No

It might sound contradictory, but they only work short-term. Not long-term.

Think about these two situations.

1.) You have 10,000 followers. Each post receives around 20,000 likes. And 100 of your followers are customers.

2.) You have 1,000 followers. Each post receives around 200 likes. And 500 of your followers are customers.


When you take part in like for like schemes, you are not necessarily reaching your target audience. Instead, you are reaching other people who, like you, are after likes and followers.

Are they really interested in your product? No.

So, all you are doing is boosting some vanity metrics. You’re not building a brand or attracting more paying customers.

The Benefits

Don’t get me wrong, there are benefits to these hashtags.

For example, if you continually have high engagement levels on your posts then your ads are likely to perform better. It can also help make your profile look stronger when customers are driven to it from the adverts.

More Drawbacks

The algorithms are smart! They will consider how often people are repeatedly engaging with your content. So, if every time you use #Like4Like, it’s different people engaging with your post, the ads might not work as successfully.

The algorithm will also look at your follow to followers ratio, so be warned. It’s better to have a high number of followers to a low number of following.

Ultimately, social media is an outlet for you to reach customers. #Like4Like and #Follow4Follow don’t help you achieve this. You may pick one or two people up along the way.

But if you’re a plumber in Newcastle and you are receiving likes from individuals in South America, will this really benefit you?

There are plenty of other ways to engage the right people and start to see a better ROI from Social Media – get in touch if you want further guidance.