How To Craft The Perfect Social Media Post

For every occupation, there are those questions that people working within that industry will hear time and time again.

Police Officers – “Do you have the time?”

Wedding DJ – “Do you take requests?”

Taxi Drivers – “Been busy tonight?”

Doctors – “Can you look at this rash?”

Bankers – “How do you sleep at night?”

Social Media Marketers – “How do you craft the perfect social media post?”

Ok, maybe the social media question isn’t as synonymous with our job title as some of those other examples.

(No offence to the bankers by the way – I’m sure you’re great people)

What Does The Perfect Social Media Post Look Like?

Despite not quite achieving cliché status, it is a question I’m often asked. Whether it’s in the Q&A section at the end of a workshop or by family friends asking for advice.

And it’s a fair question.

We all want to give our marketing efforts the best chance of succeeding.

The unfortunate truth is that there is no such thing as the perfect social media post.

*closes web page*

For those of you that haven’t slammed their laptop shut in a fit of rage cursing the seemingly clickbait title, there’s more to this blog post.

Why Is There No Perfect Social Media Post?

The algorithms.

You’ve probably heard about them before.

But, if you’re not sure what I’m on about, here’s a brief overview.

Social media platforms used to show posts in chronological order. Whereas nowadays, they rely on algorithms.

An algorithm is a way of ranking posts so that users see the most relevant content to them.

Each platform has its own algorithm. And, although, we don’t know the exact workings of each one, we do have a rough idea of what goes into making a post succeed.

But before you read any further, I have to warn you, it’s not an exact science and anyone who promises you that is stringing you along.

The Two Factors Influencing The Social Media Algorithms

Most of the main platforms have 4 factors they consider. Although they use different terms, they’re much of a muchness.

To keep it simple, I’ve tried to boil it down to two factors (plus a bonus tip).

What makes a post soar is its relevancy and the engagement it gains.

Relevancy takes into consideration who people interact with and what they are interested in. It’s something that’s built over time as the platform paints a picture of who each individual user is.

Engagement refers to how likely people are to interact with the post and how quickly that happens after the post is shared. If a post can get quick engagements, it gives it an initial boost.

How To Give Yourself The Best Chance Of Riding The Algorithms

So, let’s go with the factor that gives you the initial impact – engagement.

To gain engagements, you’ve got to create content people want to engage with.

It might sound simple, but too many people overlook this point. Scroll through your social media feed and see how many meaningless and sales-focused posts there are. Are they worth your time and interactions?

The best way to guarantee engagements is to bring value to your audience or entertain them. Leave the sales pitch until you’ve built an engaged audience.

With regards to relevancy, the best thing you can do is understand your audience. When you’re looking to grow your engagements, ensure that they are from the right people otherwise you’ll be building your profiles on unstable foundations.

If you’re not convinced, ask yourself, would you rather have 1000 likes from people who will never buy your product/service or 100 likes from your ideal customers?

In your quest for engagement, make sure you remain relevant.

And now for the bonus tip!

Social media platforms make money from people spending time on their site. Therefore, where possible, make sure your content is native and keeps people on the platform. Posts containing external links are likely to be hamstrung.

So, when you’re crafting your next viral post, make sure it’s relevant and worthy of engagement.