Forget About Likes

Don’t you hate it when you read a blog post and all they do is tell you everything you’re doing wrong.

And then, right at the bottom there’s a call to action which goes something like…

“Want to fix all the mistakes you’ve made? Leave all your personal details below and we’ll get back to you with an extortionate quote?”

Worry not! This is not one of those.

There’ll be a little bit of…

“Did you realise this isn’t the best thing to be doing?”

…but there will also be…

“Here’s some cool stuff you could be doing!”

So, let’s rip the plaster off.

What Do I Think You’re Doing ‘Wrong’?

Well, I think Likes (AKA Reactions) are overrated.

This isn’t a mental health thing, although that is important. Instead this is me with my social media marketing head on.

So you know this isn’t a lecture, I’m guilty of holding Likes in too high a regard at time.

The main trap people fall into is that they are seen as an easy way to determine the success of a post. And when you use that logic, it’s easy to think that if you want a higher performing post, then you create one that will get more likes.

Now, I disagree with this from a few different points of view - see Top Tips For Social Media Success, Should I Use #Like4Like and Selling Is The Last Thing You Should Do On Social Media for more on this.

But the issue I want to discuss today is that Likes are meaningless.

OK, maybe that statement’s a little bit extreme, but stick with me!

Likes are the easiest form of engagement to attain. So, as great as they are, they don’t contribute much to your post's performance.

Don’t get me wrong, one Like is better than no Likes. But you could be doing better!

Here’s What You Should Be Doing

(This is this bit where I should be asking you to pop in your email address to receive a free download and lifetime of spam emails).

Having spent many an hour producing analytics reports for various clients, there is always one form of engagement that tends to lag behind the other metrics.

And that is…

🥁🥁🥁 Trying to build same faux suspense 🥁🥁🥁

Comments! (AKA Replies)

So, the thinking is, if you can generate more Comments, then you’re creating better content. Content that will rank well in the algorithm.

Similar to comments, Shares where someone has added their own input to the post also rank well.

Why Are Comments So Effective?

Well, it’s quite obvious really.

It takes more effort!

Hitting the Like button or thinking of something to say and typing that out – which do you think is quicker?

Likes are a more passive form of engagement.

So, when the social media platforms are sifting through the thousands of posts that are uploaded, they need to try and identify which ones are resonating with the audience the most.

If they have lots of Comments, it’s a good indicator that users think this is worth their time. As a result, the platforms will put it in front of more people moving forward.

Now, this might be a revelation for you today. Or it might not. But either way, I hope you’re thinking…

“I need to get more comments on my posts!”

To do that, you need to start thinking about social media as a platform to generate conversation.

How Can I Generate More Comments On My Posts?

Some ideas you could use are:

· Create a poll about a topic that divides opinion

· Share a controversial opinion

· Ask a question

· Look for recommendations

Before you start throwing out controversial opinions and requests for recommendations willy-nilly, make sure what you’re doing aligns with your brand and isn’t just engagement fishing.

(Check out Should I Use #Like4Like to read about my views on this.)

Don’t think, "What poll can I share?". Or "What question can I ask today?".

Instead, come up with your posts as you would normally. Then ask yourself if you can weave any of these, or something similar, into these posts.

Make sense? If not, drop me a message!

Hopefully, this blog post has got you thinking today. If it has, it would be great if you could share it on your social media so that your connections can learn from it too.

Thanks for reading!