An Introduction To LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn Stories have arrived across the world!

LinkedIn Stories, a feature many people have been anticipating the arrival of, has finally gone live on the mobile version of the app.

In this blog, I’m going to answer all the questions you might have about this new tool and help you get the most from it.

What Are LinkedIn Stories?

First things first, stories are not a new feature!

They are new to LinkedIn, but they’re commonplace on other social media platforms and have been for some time now.

Instagram ✔️

Facebook ✔️

YouTube ✔️

Snapchat ✔️

WhatsApp ✔️

And now… LinkedIn ✔️

But if you’re new to stories, here’s what you need to know…

Stories are made up of short-form, visual, portrait content that only lives on the platform for 24-hours from the time it is first shared.

The purpose of them is to nurture the storytelling side of social media, capturing the “smaller” pieces of content you might not have otherwise shared.

How Do LinkedIn Stories Work?

As with the other platforms, Stories will sit at the top of the LinkedIn app on mobile devices. However, they are yet to appear on the desktop version.

Profiles and accounts that you can add updates to will sit first with a little + sign on them. After them, scrolling to the right, you will find the stories shared by other accounts. To view these, simply tap on them and they will pop open.

Once you’re in a story, they are very simple to navigate.

To skip backwards and forwards through a story, tap the left or right side of the screen respectively. If you want to move to a different person’s story swipe right-to-left for the next person and left-to-right for the previous person.

To add your first story, you simply click the little + symbol I mentioned earlier. This will open up your camera in the LinkedIn app.

From here, you can take either a picture or a short, 20-second video. Alternatively, if you tap the gallery symbol in the bottom left you can add either from your phone’s gallery.

Then it’s time to get creative! By using the two symbols in the top right corner, you can add text and stickers to your story.

Although the options are quite limited at the moment, I’m sure there will be more added in the coming weeks and months.

Once you’re happy with your post, tap the share button in the bottom right corner.

Bish bash bosh, that’s your first LinkedIn Story published!

Why Should You Use LinkedIn Stories?

Stories are now one of the most popular features of Instagram’s mobile app and this could be the case for LinkedIn too. So, you don’t want to be missing out.

“But why are they so popular?”

Well, they’re super easy to consume, can be highly interactive and they’re the first thing you see when you open the app.

Stories are great for sharing in-the-moment updates because they only last 24 hours and they allow you to reach your customer with multiple short, sharp hits throughout the day. Add to that the fact they are a great tool for building a brand, as they allow you to add more personality to your profile, they are set to be a winner.

At the moment, the functionality is very limited, but once they add more features, Stories will become more creative and entertaining which could make them unstoppable.

How Should You Use LinkedIn Stories To Benefit Your Brand?

There are two ways of approaching this question. As the viewer of a story or as the creator of one.

I’ll start with being the viewer as that’s probably the easiest.

As a viewer, this is a great opportunity for you to get to know your customers, competitors, suppliers, peers and whoever else you’re connected with.

If Stories are used as they have been across other platforms, they will give you another layer of insight into everyone’s world. Use this to your advantage!

Reply to the Stories of your target audience and start a meaningful conversation. Take note of what your competitors are up to. Learn from thought-leaders within your industry.

Stories provide a deeper insight into what the people you’re connected with are doing each day and what their thoughts are on different topics.

Now when it comes to creating content for Stories, there’s a lot more to consider (it’s probably a topic worthy of its own blog post).

Ultimately, use them however you feel works best for you.

The best question to ask yourself is “what would you like to see from other people?”.

I think, given the limited functionality at the moment, we will mostly see repurposed content from elsewhere and behind-the-scenes updates. So, LinkedIn Stories might be a bit dry for a while. How could you change this?

As more functionality is rolled out (🤞), think about ways you can use LinkedIn Stories to build a relationship with your audience. Can you ask questions, share insights, receive feedback? All of these things will help build your brand.

Rounding Off

Ultimately, LinkedIn Stories are still very new. And as much as we can predict their adoption and usage based on other sites, we don’t know how they will be used.

The best thing to do is get in at the bottom, learn the ropes and be prepared to ride a potential social media wave.

They might flop, but if they don’t, being an early adopter and a recognised face among your connections and followers could pay huge dividends in the long run.

So, go!

Go post a story now!

A picture of your home-office setup, an update on what you’re doing today, a cool stat from your industry.

Whatever it is, just start!


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