Acting On Opportunities

As turbulent as these times are, I believe there are opportunities available to capitalise on. This could be a new business opportunity, an opportunity to better your community or a personal development opportunity.

Now, this might not be the case for everyone. But for those who it is, these opportunities might not come along again for many years. If you don’t seize the opportunities in front of you, you may regret not taking action when you see others benefiting from their decisiveness.

Throughout the lockdown, there have been a few standout examples of people and organisations who have been making the most of the opportunities presented to them, here I’ve picked out a few examples.

Let's Take A Look

Fundraising Hero

First up, is the story that has touched the hearts of the nation. The man who has brought hope to everyone. Super fundraiser, Sir Tom Moore. This hero has shown that, no matter how old you are, you can make a difference to our community. I for one have enjoyed following his story. From 100 laps of his garden to reaching the top of the charts in time for his 100th birthday, this man has been a tour de force.

Music Lessons

The BBC have been fantastic at providing a range of resources aimed at helping people further their knowledge and learn new skills. The most prominent of which is the work they have done around Bitesize to help with the dreaded homeschooling. But the thing that has caught my eye is linked to Radio 1. As part of their lockdown content, they’ve been providing a range of music lessons each delivered by our favourite pop stars. From piano tutorials with Sigrid to guitar lessons with Niall Horan, these are things we wouldn’t have seen had it not been for lockdown.

Business Advice

The final example I wanted to share with you is a business example. You might be aware of Gary Vaynerchuk, the brash American entrepreneur. Some people love him, some people not so much. Either way, despite running a multi-million-pound marketing agency, he is using lockdown as an opportunity to reach more freelancers, small business owners and side hustlers. Although they’re not the ideal client for Vayner Media (his marketing agency), he takes 1 hour out of most mornings to do a live Q&A with his fans. It’s safe to say, Tea With Gary Vee is a huge success.

Bringing Value

So, what does this have to do with business?

Many of the brands that are succeeding during this time are bringing value to their audience. It’s not those that are trying to sell relentlessly.

I’ve spoken about this in a previous post, but when trying to build a brand and see results from your social media efforts, the last thing you should be doing is selling. This is mainly down to two reasons. Firstly, your current audience doesn’t want to be sold to. They want to be informed or entertained. Secondly, new people discovering your brand aren’t ready to be sold to yet. They haven’t built a connection with your brand. Therefore, in both these situations, you need to bring value to your audience.

Try New Things

No matter who you are, your biggest opportunity during these times is to try new things. Social media audiences are more receptive to new content than ever before. A recent report shows that 47% of people are spending more time on social media, which means they need more content to fill their feed and keep them engaged. Therefore, you have more opportunities to test new content and see what reception it gets.

Have you always wanted to try videos? A blog series? Q&As? This your chance.

Social Media Club

Social Media Club is the latest project I’ve launched, all off the back of an opportunity I saw.

I have always looked to help people with their social media wherever possible without undermining the value I provide to my clients. I relish the opportunity to try and help someone overcome the problems they are facing. Recommend software. Troubleshoot technical problems. Discuss best practice.

However, this has always been limited to chance encounters. But with the increased adoption of remote networking and online knowledge sharing, I felt that an opportunity had presented itself. I could create an online community where I can share top tips, news, insights and best practice with a much wider audience and people would be more receptive to it than ever before.

So, if you’re a freelancer, small business owner, marketer, or just a bit nosey, don’t hesitate to join the group. All I ask is that you get involved. Jump into the comments, share your experience and ask questions. In return, you’ll receive a monthly mini-lesson from yours truly, examples of best practice shared with you and updates on the latest social media news and insight.

Interested? Become part of Social Media Club today.